Workshops & Timetable


The Cruise Deck Club, 45 Kawaka Street, Mount Maunganui.

Coast To Coast Instructors

Nikita Brown & Ethan Butler
Andrew Boddis & Toni Rendell
Elly-Ann Pritchard & Howard
Hannah Phillips & Ryan Wood


Magical Moments: Instructors Hannah Phillips & Ryan Wood 
When dancing to a song you’ve never heard before, how do you and your partner create those magically musical moments together? Through good partnership and phrasing you can shape an amazing dance that leaves you buzzing. We will introduce you to these concepts and show you how to work together as a team to have the best dance possible!

To The Left (To The Left): Instructors Nikita Brown & Ethan Butler

Dancing left to left is a whole new level of creativity and in this workshop, we will be heading to the left to be right on track. Exploring all the possibilities the left hand has to offer the lead and follow, this is bound to get you thinking. 

Creating Moments: Instructors Andrew Boddis & Toni Rendell
We want to show you some concepts to help you to develop your musicality and to create possibilities so you never feel stale. Learn some skills to increase your repertoire without having to learn new moves.

Fresh & Fun: Instructors Andrew Boddis & Toni Rendell
Do we have some moves for you!! We have put together some fresh and fun moves for you to add to your repertoire. Aimed at Intermediate level and above, but Beginners are still welcome to come along and give it a go as we can all go far with a little technique and a can oo attitude!

SHAZAM!: Instructors Nikita Brown & Ethan Butler
Join us for a little experimentation, a little ping and pop as we take you through some of our favourite ways to add energy, shape and “SHAZAM” moments to your dancing. Exploring what you and your partner can both bring to the dance to add a little energy to the dance. 

Style?…..Style!: Instructors Elly-Ann Pritchard & Howard Kay
Style?? Style!! Come along and discover what Elly and Howard think makes up style in partner dancing and how you can get a better appreciation of it for yourself and then create your own personal style. We don’t think anyone should want to look like everyone else!

Workshop Timetable

9.00 am -10.10 am Hannah Phillips & Ryan Wood

10.25 am-11.35 am Nikita Brown & Ethan Butler

11.50 am-1.00 pm Toni Rendell & Andrew Boddis

1.15 pm-2.25 pm Toni Rendell & Andrew Boddis

2.40 pm-3.50 pm Nikita Brown & Ethan Butler

4.05 pm-5.15 pm Elly-Ann Pritchard & Howard Kay