Dance With A Stranger (DWAS) Category Rules
  • Open to individual competitors, in Classic DWAS couples dance to an undisclosed piece of music.
  • Men and women are judged separately. The judges will however be looking for how well you interact with each partner.
  • Category level is dictated by an individual’s points. Therefore, a competitor’s level danced in Classic Freestyle and Classic DWAS may differ.
  • Competitors can only enter one Classic DWAS category level.
  • Men must dance the lead role and women must dance the follow role.
  • Each pairing will have a minimum of 30 seconds until all men have danced with all women.
  • Classic DWAS will have a maximum of 8 couples on the dance floor at one time.
  • No Aerials (Baby, Full, Death spirals or Acrobatics) are allowed in any Classic DWAS category level.
Newcomer DWAS
  • A Newcomer competitor must have 0-2 points.
  • Moves allowed are the Ceroc® Beginner moves as listed below:

Arm Jive
Break Through
Ceroc Spin
First Move
American Spin
Left Side Change
Man’s Comb
Shoulder Block
Step Across
Back Pass
Ceroc New Yorker
Figure Of 8
Loop Throughs
Push Spin
Slide Break
Travelling Return

Intermediate B DWAS
  • An Intermediate B competitor must have 3-39 points.
Intermediate A DWAS
  • An Intermediate A competitor must have 40-99 points.
Advanced B DWAS
  • An Advanced B competitor must have 100-179 points.
Advanced A DWAS
  • An Advanced A competitor must have 180-299 points.
Champions DWAS
  • A Champions competitor must have 300 points or more.
Judging Criteria

DWAS Judging Criteria Competitors will be judged on the following, listed in order of importance.

  • Timing
  • Technique
  • Partnership
  • Musicality
  • Moves
  • Presentation

For more information refer to the:

Ceroc NZ Competition Rules, Categories and Judging Criteria.