YouChoose Category Rules
  • Same sex couples allowed.
  • The Lead & Follow cannot swap during the duration of the song.
  • Baby aerials and Full aerials are not allowed.
  • One couple will be randomly chosen from each heat to make choices.
  • The chosen couple will then choose one thing from each of the following three options presented:
    The three options are as follows:
    • Option 1: MOVES. Choose from either “Beginner Moves” OR “Anything Goes” (i.e. All Ceroc Moves)
    • Option 2: HAND HOLDS. Choose from either “Leaders Left Hand to Follows Right Hand” OR “Leaders Right Hand to Follows Right Hand” (Leaders can release and catch the chosen lead hand but cannot use their other hand or the follows other hand to catch or lead with)
    • Option 3: MUSIC. Choose from either “90’s Old School” or “Hits Of Today”.
  • The three chosen options will then be combined to form the competition category for that heat.
  • There will be no disqualifications but competitors will be marked down if the wrong hands or moves are used.
Judging Criteria

Competitors will be judged on the following, refer to specific regional event details for the order of importance.

  • Timing, Partnership, Musicality, Presentation, Technique, Moves.

The above category is governed by the Ceroc New Zealand Competition Rules, Categories & Judging Criteria May 2016. Local rules will apply.