Welcome to Cerocmania 2019 Auckland

This event has now passed.


Registrations for Cerocmania 2019 are closed.

Information Updates

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Event Dates

Friday 29 March: Workshop, Day 1 Cerocmania Champs & Dance Party
Saturday 30 March: Workshops, Day 2 Cerocmania Champs, Sensational Invitational Spotlights & Champs Dance Party.
Sunday 31 March: Workshops & Tea Dance.


Friday & Saturday: Edgewater College, 32 Edgewater Drive, Pakuranga.
Sunday venue: Onehunga RSA, 57 Princes Street, Onehunga, Auckland.

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Come learn some “Valuable Life Dance Lessons”  with the Coasties from Le Step;Emma, Matt & Zac and our own Kiwis; Vanroe Stone & Hazel Barrer.

Vanroe Stone & Hazel Barrer

  • One of these things is not like the other
    Tips and tricks to adapt to different partners on the dance floor. 
  • Look Mum, no hands
    how you lead different parts of your partners body for a more interesting dance. 

Emma Keating and Matthew Fairburn

  • Creating the ‘Performance You’
    We’d like to show you how to identify the things that will make you stand out on a dance floor. Learn how to create the best version of the dancing you! Both on the social and competitive floor. 
  • Styling or Partnering – that is the question
    What is style? What is good style? What is partnering? What is good partnering? How do you know if you look good? Who do you lead cool moves with style and still be a good partner? So much stuff – lets unpack this! 

Emma Keating and Zac Skinner

  • Social Secrets
    Ever wonder why some dancers get raved about in glowing terms? There’s things they do while they are dancing that are beyond a spectators grasp. We’d like to introduce you to some dance essentials that aren’t taught at regular classes. 
  • Challenge Accepted
    We all love the cool stuff. Eye-catching moves are definitely a “thing” and we’ve got a few up our sleeves to show you. Better yet, we’d love to get you doing things beyond what you believe you can. Do you accept the challenge. 
Workshops Timetable


All Inclusive Package A Early Bird $199 until 31st January 2019. Then $230 from the 1st February 2019. 
Friday Dance Party
All six workshops
Competition Entry
Saturday Dance Party
Sunday Tea Dance

Keep It Social Package $50
Friday: Dance Party Pass
Friday: Champs Spectator & Social Dancing & Dance Party Pass
Saturday: Sensational Invitational Spotlights, Champs Spectator, Social Dancing & Dance Party Pass
Sunday: Tea Dance Pass

Individual Pricing
Friday Champs Spectator & Dance Party $20
Saturday Champs Spectator, Sensational Invitational Spotlights & Dance Party $25
Sunday Tea Dance Social Dancing Pass $20
Workshops $40 each
Cerocmania Championships Entry $75 unlimited category entry.

Competition Categories

The following categories are governed by the Ceroc New Zealand Competition Rules, Categories & Judging Criteria April 2018

The following local rules apply:

Champion and Advanced A & B pairings are not allowed, with the exception of Triples and Swaps & Steals, where one Champion and one Advanced dancer can team up with either an Intermediate A, B or Newcomer dancer.

Intermediate A, B & Newcomers can have like pairings.

The Categories are:

Adam & Eve (Intermediate B and above)
Battle Of The Sexes (All levels)
Blind Date (Intermediate B & above)
Ceroc X (All levels) Refer Menu above for allowable moves.
Infinity (All levels)
Potluck Pro-Am (Teacher & Newcomer dancers only)
Swap ‘n’ Steals (All levels)
Teams (All levels)
Triples (All levels)
Vice Versa (All levels)
YouChoose (All levels)

Contact Us

For all inquiries, please contact one of the following people:

Nikita on 0272 838 118
Vanroe on 021 763 3889

or e-mail at cerocmania@gmail.com