The Ultimate Dancer is a new event exclusively for the Coast to Coast Championships! During this event the dancers are randomly paired together in their chosen role as lead or follow for a select number of rounds throughout the competition. The random pairing ensures that each dancer has an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and versatility. The process continues for several rounds whereby the top leads & Follows will be selected for the final. The winners are the Lead and Follow with the highest overall score from all of the rounds. Overall, Ultimate Dancer is a fun and exciting way for dancers to test their skills and showcase their creativity while also challenging themselves to adapt to new partners, and adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the competition.

Category Rules

  • There must be a lead and a follow.
  • The lead and follow cannot interchange their roles.
  • Two songs per round, each song will last for approx. 90 seconds.
  • Each lead and follow will be randomly paired prior to the 1st song.
  • Then, they will be randomly rematched with a new partner on the floor prior to the second song.
  • Each couple will be judged and given a placing after each song. With a score allocated to each placing.
  • These scores will accumulate throughout the rounds.
  • There will be a number of rounds through the day, with no eliminations until the final.
  • Based on the accumulated scores, the top leads and follows will be chosen for the final.
  • Only Ceroc Modern Jive is to be danced.
  • No aerials allowed.
  • Open to all levels except Newcomer.

Judging Criteria

Competitors will be judged on the following, refer to specific regional event details for the order of importance.

  • Timing
  • Partnership
  • Musicality
  • Presentation
  • Technique
  • Moves