Registrations for the workshops will open soon!


We have our Aussie teaching family back plus some of our NZ teaching family for 2024!

Emma Keating & Matthew Fairburn
  • Workshop 2 Dance Revolution The art of epic, controlled spinning within leadable movements. The how, where, when, and why of revolutions for effect. 
  • Workshop 4 Visual Vortex For dancers with a sense of fun * adventure. Harness the willingness to go for it -knowing that it’s a calculated risk and always with a back-up plan!
Emma Keating & Zac Skinner
  • Workshop 1 Partners In Time You’re a team on the floorwhether socially or competitively so get it together and understand the importance of moving together to the same drum.
  • Workshop 6 Air Dance Want to fly? Just kidding! Understanding projection and leverage and we’ii show you when to turn it up a notch while conserving your energy. Ideal for the last workshop of an amazing weekend!
 Hannah & Ryan Phillips-Wood 
  • Workshop 3 Whatcha Listening To?

    In this workshop we explore the many different layers of music we can dance to within the same song. We will learn how to identify them, reflect them in our dance, and (most importantly) make sure we are on the same page as our partner to create fun, dynamic dances!
  • Workshop 5 Physics For Dancers

    This isn’t your high school physics class, but we will be learning all about momentum, torque, acceleration and kinetic energy in this MASSive workshop!
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