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Workshop Timetable

Workshop Description

Come learn some “Valuable Life Dance Lessons”  with the Coasties from Le Step;Emma, Matt & Zac and our Kiwis Ethan Butler & Nikita Brown.

Ethan Butler & Nikita Brown (2 Workshops)
  • Workshop 1 Gettin’ Cheeky With It
    A smile, a wink, a nod or even making use of your body. This workshop is all about how to present yourself whilst still maintaining connection and good partnering. 
  • Workshop 2 Me, You and the Music
    We have all danced to that song we don’t know or necessarily like right?! Unlock some secrets with us in this workshop that allow you to always find your partner, yourself and the music
Emma Keating, Zac Skinner and Matthew Fairburn (4 Workshops)