Should this be your first time to register on the Ceroc Points Registry then please read the following which will explain what the Points System is and how it relates to competition dance levels. Then you are given instructions on how to view and verify your competition dance level.

If you are already registered in the Ceroc Points Registry, and wish to view your points or update your personal details then:

Click here to log on to the Points Registry

The following is from Section 2 of the Ceroc NZ Competition Rules, Categories and Judging Criteria Version 29 March 2023.

2 Points System for Competitor Levels

2.1 How it works

● Competitors will be awarded points for their placings achieved in competitions.
● Points are held by individuals, not couples.
● A competitor’s points will determine which category levels they are eligible to enter.
● A competitor’s points will be reset at the minimum points required each time they move up into a new
competitive level.
● The points each competitor holds will be recorded and maintained in a centralised National database
called the Points Registry.

2.2 Points Registry

To find out how many points you have please login to The Points Registry will automatically be updated with the points earned at each competition within seven days of the competition results being announced.

Overseas entrants will be required to contact Ceroc® NZ to confirm their competition level. Please refer to section 2.6 for further details.

2.3 Points as they relate to Competitor Level

Points Level

0 – 2 Newcomer
3 – 39 Intermediate B
40 – 99 Intermediate A
100 – 179 Advanced B
180 – 299 Advanced A
300 or more Champions

2.4 Earning Points

Click on the following:

How To View And Verify You Competition Dance Level
  • If you have competed previously you will be in the system. Check your details and ensure they are current & correct.
  • If you are not in the system, you will have to register to gain access to the Ceroc Points Registry.
  • Once you have logged on, any placings you have achieved will show with corresponding points.
  • View your points history and check that it is correct.
  • If the information is not correct, contact Ceroc® NZ by e-mail on
  • Your competitive dance level will show as unverified in red.
    Note colours indicate the following:
    – Unverified (at present all dancers start at this point).
    ORANGE – In progress (an email has been automatically sent to the branch owner requesting verification of level within 72 hours).
    GREEN – Tick, competition dance level has been verified (the competitors level has been approved).
  • To verify your competition level you can either select & push the Request Verification button or register for a competition.
  • An e-mail will be automatically generated and sent to your branch owner.
  • Ceroc® NZ will then be advised by your branch owner and the Points Registry updated by verifying your level with a green tick.
  • To start the process, log on to the link below.

Click here to log on to the Points Registry