Workshops & Timetable


The Cruise Deck Club, 45 Kawaka Street, Mount Maunganui.

Coast To Coast Instructors
  • Ryan & Hannah Phillips-Wood
  • Nikita Brown
  • Rebecca Lausberg & Peter Randrup

Look Ma, No Hands! Workshop: Instructors Ryan & Hannah Phillips Wood 

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, but no hands! In this workshop we will explore how we can use connection through the rest of our body to create shapes without hand to hand contact.

Positioning & Connection Workshop: Instructors Ryan & Hannah Phillips Wood

Connection to your partner is key, but how does your position change that connection? How can we use our positioning to get a different result from the same move? We will explore how small changes in our bodies can have big effects on our dance.

DWhhhaaaat? Workshop: Instructor Nikta Brown

DWAS a term used at every competition but what is it really? In this workshop unpack with Nikita what DWAS is and how to make it the best part of your dancing day. Breakdown what makes dancing with a stranger enjoyable to watch and be part of. 

Workshop tba: Instructors Rebecca Lausberg & Peter Randrup


Groove & Chill Workshop: Instructors Rebecca Lausberg & Peter Randrup

Feeling tired? Brain exploded + sore body but still want to dance? This workshop is for you. Come and groove with us for a chillaxing workshop to end the day.

Workshop Timetable