Welcome to the Ceroc NZ National Championships

The Ceroc New Zealand National Championships will be held on Saturday the 28th November 2020 in Auckland.


Information Updates

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Registrations are closed.

Event Dates

Friday 27th November Welcome Dance Party
Saturday 28th November Ceroc NZ National Championships
Sunday 29th December Champions Workshops & Tea Dance


The Welcome Dance Party will be held at the Onehunga RSA, 57 Princes Street, Onehunga.
The Ceroc NZ National Championships will be held at a venue to be advised soon.
Champions Workshops & Tea Dance will be held at the Onehunga RSA, 57 Princes Street, Onehunga.

Click here to view Venues locations & maps.


To be confirmed


Dance Party entry: $20.00
Competitor entry: $85.00
Champs Spectator & Social Dance entry: $20.00 (All day & Night)
Workshops & Tea Dance entry: $49.00
Tea Dance entry: $10.00

Competition Categories

The 2020 Ceroc NZ National Championships are governed by the:

Ceroc New Zealand Competition Rules, Categories and Judging Criteria April 2018

Click on the above link to view these:

Classical Events

Newcomers Freestyle & DWAS
Intermediate B Freestyle & DWAS
Intermediate A Freestyle & DWAS
Advanced B Freestyle & DWAS
Advanced A Freestyle & DWAS
Champions Freestyle & DWAS

Creative Events

Open Freestyle
Pro-Am (Teacher Female / Newcomer Male)
Pro-Am (Teacher Male / Newcomer Female)
Adam & Eve (Advanced or Champion Female / Intermediate Male)
Adam & Eve (Advanced or Champion Male / Intermediate Female)
Adam & Eve (Intermediate A & B)

Cabaret Events

Showcase (Note there will be a pre-selection process, refer Showcase Rules)

Newcomer Teams
Intermediate & Advanced Teams

Nationals Champs Workshops


On Sunday the 29th November after the Champs you will get a chance to learn some of our top dancers signature / favorite moves that were danced the day before. We welcome a number of Advanced & Champion dancers whom will be heading up the workshop series.

Starting at 12.00 pm and finishing at 4.00 pm, the following instructors will be running four 50 minute workshops with a 10 minute break in between.

Workshop Order:
12.00 pm Instructors tba.
1.00 pm Instructors tba.
2.00 pm Instructors tba.
3.00 pm Instructors tba.

Tea Dance

The Tea Dance will follow on from the conclusion of the Signature Moves Workshops, starting at 4.00 pm and finishing at 6.00 pm.


Call Ross on 0275 252 007 or e-mail on hq@ceroc.co.nz