The following categories are governed by the Ceroc New Zealand Competition Rules, Categories & Judging Criteria 29 March 2023: 

The following local rules apply:

Champion and Advanced A & B pairings are not permitted, with the exception of Triples and Swaps & Steals, where one Champion and one Advanced dancer can team up with either an Intermediate A, B or Newcomer dancer.

Intermediate A, B & Newcomers can have like pairings.

Adam & Eve (Intermediate B and above) 

Battle of the Same (All Levels) 

Blind Date (Intermediate B and above) 

Ceroc-X (All Levels)

Infinity (All Levels) 

Potluck Pro-Am (Teacher and Newcomer dancers only)

Swaps ‘n’ Steals (All Levels)

Switch! New Category!

Cerocmania Teams

Triples (All Levels)

YouChoose (All Levels) 

New category to be announced soon!