Beginners Freestyle
1st Alex Keall & Anna Lee Russell – East & South
2nd George Everts & Kelly Wilce – Auckland Central
3rd Anton Haueter & Nathalie Philippsen – Auckland Central

Intermediate B Freestyle
1st Dale Urwin & Vicky Keary – Auckland Counties
2nd Cory Pace & Jennifer Esterman – Auckland Central
3rd Nathan van Rij  & Caitlin Batt   – Christchurch

Intermediate A Freestyle
1st Patrick O’Hara & Diana Rogers  – Wellington
2nd Henry Claydon & Liz Popowski  – Tauranga
3rd Shay Earnshaw & Favsta Fernandez – West Auckland

Advanced B Freestyle
1st David Mun & Anne Dang – Melbourne
2nd Lukas van der Merwe & Olivia Walker  – Auckland Central
3rd Haz Clarke & Kadie Hanna – Hamilton/Tamahere

Advanced A Freestyle
1st Ross Craige & Linda Devereau – West Auckland/Auckland Central
2nd Andrew Boddis & Toni Rendell – Rotorua/Tauranga
3rd Steve Lafferty & Deb Robinson  – Auckland Kohi/Christchurch

Champions Freestyle
1st George Ciprian & Hannah Honey – East & South
2nd Justin Ritchie & Kate Brian – Ceroc Perth
3rd Dan Rippon & Wendy Stanton – Auckland Central

Advanced Open Freestyle
1st Royce Lovelock and Catherine Wilson – Kapi-Hutt
2nd George Ciprian & Hannah Honey – East & South
3rd John Mills & Mahalia Mills – Wellington

Beginner Women DWAS
1st Anna Lee  – East & South
2nd Kelly Wilce  – Auckland Central
3rd Nathalie Philippsen  – Auckland Central

Beginner Men DWAS
1st Alex Keall – East & South
2nd David Mellow  – East and South
3rd George Everts  – Auckland Central

Intermediate Women DWAS
1st Favsta Ferandez – West Auckland
2nd Shayna Lawton – West Auckland
3rd Diana Rogers  – Wellington

Intermediate Men DWAS
1st Henry Claydon  – Tauranga
2nd Patrick O’Hara  – Wellington
3rd James Whitney  – East & South

Advanced  Women DWAS
1st Annysha Cowlishaw  – Auckland Central
2nd Nikita Grindle – West Auckland
3rd Kellee Macdonald  – Auckland Central

Advanced Men DWAS
1st James Geary  – Auckland Central
2nd Michael Jones  – Auckland Central
3rd John Mills  – Wellington

Champions Women DWAS
1st Hannah Honey – East and South
2nd Kate Brian  – Ceroc Perth
3rd Wendy Stanton  – Auckland Central

Champions Men DWAS
1st  Dan Rippon – Auckland Central
2nd George Ciprian – East and South
3rd Vanroe Stone  – Auckland Counties

1st David Mun & Anne Dang – Melbourne
2nd Braden Crocker  & Danielle Hoult  – Wellington/Kapi-Hutt
3rd Rebecca Lausburg & Angela Morley & Christine Snook – Tauranga

Beginner Team
1st The Only Thing – West Auckland
2nd Hot Patooti – Auckland Central
3rd I Feel Good – East & South

Intermediate/Advanced Teams
1st Step Back – Kapi-Hutt
2nd Santa Baby – East & South
3rd Scream – Hamilton/Tamahere

Most Fun Loving Couple
Neil Oliver & Anneliese Sabrowski – Auckland Kohi  – Sponsored by Ceroc New Zealand

Best Dressed Couple
George Ciprian & Hannah Honey  – East & South – Sponsored by Pure Dance

2012 New Zealand Branch Trophy
Christchurch  – Sponsored by Jason Products